Evidence Building Barr Blocked Election Fraud Investigations

Well it appears from President Trump's speech at CPAC that Bill Barr was the reason no one was allowed to investigate election fraud in the 2020 election.

President Trump said that he received information recently that US Attorney was being blocked from investigating any election fraud by Barr.

There is no proof building Barr was one of the key players in the steal against the President and further shows it's the entire corrupt establishment against Trump.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. What do you think will happen to Barr after Trump gets reclaims his office?

From Gateway Pundit:

Barr Forbid Fraud Investigations Says President — President Trump, at yesterday’s talk at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) revealed that “a day ago (he) received a statement from the U.S. attorney, highly respected, in Pennsylvania, that Bill Barr would not allow him to investigate voter fraud.”

I just a day ago received a statement from the US Attorney, highly respected in Pennsylvania, that Bill Barr would not allow him to investigate voter fraud.  Can you believe it?  Now you have to understand, Philidelphia is the second most corrupt place, so I understand ok, in the nation.  You know what first is?  Detroit.

Detroit was so corrupt.  Philidelphia was so corrupt.  But the US Attorney was not allowed to investigate.

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  • The department of Justice is so corrupted that anyone that tries to do anything to a Democrat will be arrested and smeared so bad even with lies just to shut them up. Even committing on here is dangerous. Now the government is censoring fb. It’s been happening for a long time but now they are bolder. America is finished. Learn to speak Chinese. If you are a good worker they will keep you around but if you can’t work you will be killed. Not a conspiracy I would bet every dime I got on it.

    Betty Cloud
  • Hmmmmm…

  • Bill Barr should be held accountable along with everyone else in the swamp it is not putting the American people first.

  • We need to act. The Democrats are perpetrating a COUP on We the People and our constitution. Why are they governing this country when they are doing this? They need to be arrested and held accountable. It is TREASON and TYRANNY. If the Republicans wanted to do something about it they would have them arrested for it but they can’t grow any to get it done. Are they part of the problem?


    Shirley Robson

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