FALLING APART? A look At What Is Happening To The D.C. Police


Here we go.

Excuses over funding are nothing new in government and in our bureaucratic institutions. Over 70 police officers have left the Capitol Police dept since the January 6th protests according to sources.

Their reason?

They reportedly feel ‘demoralized’ ever since the protests on the 6th. Really though?

Still though, make no mistake, the central reason they are leaving according to them is money.


Here is more on the story:

The Hill reports: 

More than 70 officers have left the U.S. Capitol Police since the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to the department’s union, which said that a $1.9 billion supplemental funding package will not be enough to keep other officers from departing.

Capitol Police union chair Gus Papathanasiou said that officers are demoralized after the riot and that the $1.9 billion package that passed the House this week is insufficient, noting that nearly a quarter of the department’s officers are eligible to retire “in the next few years.”

He added that he also knows “of many younger officers who have confided that they’re considering applying to other law enforcement agencies.”


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  • Those 70 know the real story of the staged breach ..
    It’s time for them to talk.

    Brent E Kovac

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