Former CIA Director Says to Deport Unvaccinated Trump Supporters to Afghanistan

The CIA remains desperate to find a new boogeyman for the American public to fear.

American citizens are sick and tired of regime change wars and interventionist policies.

And the rife corruption of institutions like the CIA.

JFK wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and let it fade into oblivion.

After reading the rhetoric of former CIA & NSA Director General Michael Hayden, I vote we smash it into a million pieces.

Hayden held his aforementioned positions during the George W. Bush presidency.

And we know the unprecedented level of mass surveillance that became normal life in GWB’s two terms.

Fast forward to 2021 and Hayden is searching for another enemy now that Afghanistan has plunged into chaos.

Hayden wasted no time setting his sights on Trump supporters.

The Deep State creature voiced his support to send unvaccinated Trump supporters to Afghanistan.

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