Half The Republicans Already Saying Hello To The Patriot Party

Nearly half of Republicans wouldn’t hesitate to drop the GOP and join a new party led by former President Donald Trump, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll of Trump voters released Sunday. The poll revealed that 46 percent said they would abandon their party while only 27 percent said they wouldn’t drop the GOP. The rest are undecided. Half of the Trump voters polled said that the GOP should be “more loyal to Trump.” Only 19 percent said the opposite and think the Republican Party should be less loyal to Trump. “We feel like Republicans don’t fight enough for us, and we all see Donald Trump fighting for us as hard as he can, every single day,” a small-business owner from Milwaukee said.

The poll showed that Trump voters are far more loyal to the former president than to the Republican Party. While 54 percent of those polled said they were loyal to Trump, only 34 percent said they were loyal to the party. The figures put into sharp focus the dilemma that Republican leaders are facing as they try to adjust to a post-Trump world. Trump has sharply criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted to acquit the former president in the impeachment trial but then said the former president was “morally” responsible for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. “Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again,” Trump said.

Those who went against Trump in his second impeachment are likely to face a backlash from voters, at least according to Sunday’s poll. Eight in 10 Trump voters say they would be less likely to vote for a Republican who supported the former president’s impeachment. The reason why Republicans are so willing to punish anyone who voted to impeach Trump is at least in part because they continue to believe lies about what happened in the Jan. 6 riot. Almost 60 percent of Trump voters say that the riot was “mostly an antifa-inspired attack that only involved a few Trump supporters.” Little wonder then that fifty-nine percent of Trump voters want him to run again for president in 2024.

Trump will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference next weekend where, among other issues, he’s expected to talk about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in general.


  • How And Where Do I Sign Up For Enrollment Into The MAGA Patriot Party Of The United States Of America ?

    Martin Rodriguez
  • I’m done with them as well. Start the new party. It isn’t gonna make any difference because the vote will b cooked forever.

    Scott snyder
  • Count Me In!!!

    Kurt Milliken
  • Over 15 yrs ago, I sent a handwritten original signed letter, to the Republican National Committee RESIGNING from the Republican Party! Never acknowledged, & they’ve continued to send me requests for money & to complete surveys which are another way to solicit donations. When Trump came on the scene I did contribute, but ALL for him because he was running on the Republican ticket! I’ve said for yrs, the Democrat Party IS DEAD, the Republican Party might as well be dead, because there are too damn many RINO’s, & most have NO BACKBONE & NO BALLS! I would GLADLY participate in the Patriot Party, something We the People desperately need!

    Johnnie Klay
  • Me!


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