Have We Been Looking At The Impeachment Trial All Wrong?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Democrats not to call witnesses for the impeachment trial in the Senate, saying that it could blow up in their faces. He instead cautioned them to end the trial as quickly as possible.

“To my Democratic colleagues, if you try to call one witness, you’re going to blow up the United States Senate. Don’t do that. Let’s get this travesty over with, quick,” Graham told Fox News on Monday.

“There are more than a handful of Democrats praying that Joe Biden will get on the phone and call Schumer and say it’s over because they understand this is going to blow up in their face, politically,” Graham added.

The South Carolina senator said he is disappointed in President Joe Biden for not discouraging the second impeachment. He said he believes Democrats are afraid of the left-wing of their party that has called for both the impeachment of Trump and the expulsion of senators and representatives that objected to the electoral college votes in swing states, during the joint session of Congress.

Republicans know Donald Trump is not guilty of inciting a riot on January 6 and the overwhelming evidence will proof that. It will also prove how guilty these Democrat leaders are and expose their crooked ways. I say let them "hang themselves" by trial.

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