House Dem Calls Out Kamala Harris, Publicly Invites VP To Visit Border Before Crisis Gets Worse

A House Democrat put Kamala Harris on notice and publicly invited the Vice President to visit his district on the U.S.-Mexico border before the immigration “crisis” worsens.

Rep. Henry Cuellar’s district stretches along 300 miles of international land. Cuellar, vice chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, said the surge coming across from Mexico is hitting South Texas hard and will get worse as the government moves closer to lifting a ban on some families from entering.

Cueller wrote,  “I write to invite you to the U.S. Southern Border to observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis and share the perspective of Americans who live there. I encourage you to join me and other Members ofCongress, while we visit with the people on the ground who deal with these issues every day.

“Texas’ 28th Congressional District contains 300 miles of our international border with Mexico. Leaders of our local border communities, including our mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, emergency personnel, landowners, and judges understand the dynamics fueling the immigration crisis.

“I have lived here my entire life and want to offer myself as a resource in solving these problems.

“I believe it is critical that you meet with local stakeholders and residents, consider their concerns, and use their lived experiences to implement more effective policies.

“The rapid rise in the number of migrants arriving at our Southern Border has placed severe burden on our communities. 

“As the U.S. emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, South Texans continue to struggle economically, due to outdated commercial travel restrictions. 

“The situation on the border will only worsen, as more migrants are expected to arrive. 

“The Administration needs to take a proactive approach to create a sustainable system of humanitarian aid and relieve everyday Americans of that responsibility.

“Thank you for the consideration of this request.

“I look forward to hosting you and working together in finding solutions to solve this border crisis,” he wrote.

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