House Republicans Troll 'Hamas Caucus,' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Well-Placed Posters


House Republicans are giving Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York an eyeful every time she leaves her office to head to the floor of the House.

It began with Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida, who put a “Stand with Israel” poster outside his office so Ocasio-Cortez would see it every time she left her office for a vote, according to Fox News.

Waltz, who refers to Ocasio-Cortez and the self-proclaimed “squad” as the “Hamas Caucus,” said progressive Democrats have gone too far in their attacks on Israel as it defended itself against a 10-day rocket barrage from the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas.

Waltz said his action was a gesture to remind anti-Israel progressives they are out of step with mainstream America.

“Americans need to hold firm in reminding our country that we stand with our strongest ally in the Middle East and remind the newly formed Hamas Caucus that these fringe views will not be accepted in Congress,” Waltz said.

Walt’s gesture set a trend that was copied by others, including Republican Reps. Lisa McClain of Michigan, Nancy Mace of South Carolina and Chris Jacobs of New York, all of whom have offices along the same hallways as Ocasio-Cortez.

“I proudly hung a sign outside my office to show everyone, especially my neighbor across the hall, that Republicans are united in standing with Israel,” McClain told Fox News.

“It’s horrifying that some House Democrats side with Hamas, a terror organization. Israel is one of America’s greatest allies and needs our support now more than ever,” she said, noting she co-sponsored two House resolutions “to condemn Hamas’ violent acts against the State of Israel and to support Israel’s right to defend itself against acts of war.”

“Republicans, thankfully, have stayed true to the long-standing American policy that used to be universally supported across party lines. They remain with our ally and on the side of moral clarity. But, the Democrats? Not so much,” he wrote.

“The only hope is that fellow Democratic members of Congress stand up to the Hamas Caucus and speak truth to power.”

In writing about the “squad’s” anti-Israel rhetoric, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and the Rev. Johnnie Moore rebuked the progressives in an Op-Ed for Newsweek. Cooper is the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Moore is the president of The Congress of Christian Leaders.

“Truth be damned to these members of Congress as long as the talking points are able to influence clueless young people and raise big bucks among those who hate Israel and Jews. All of this builds more political power for the Squad and money to promote its policy agenda,” they wrote.

Moore and Cooper said Democratic leaders know the brutal truth about Hamas.

“But knowing the truth and holding accountable the ‘young stars’ of the Democratic Party are two different things. If Democratic leaders maintain their silence, there will be profound implications,” they said.

“The clock is ticking as key members of the caucus have pivoted from pushing for a peaceful two-state solution to denouncing our ally Israel while parroting terrorist propaganda.”

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