Humiliating! This Video Comparing Trump’s G7 and Biden’s G7 Sets the Internet on Fire


Conservatives have a great sense of humor. How else could we get through the cringeworthy performance that Joe Biden has been putting on since he took office in January?

It’s hard to believe that we are still in the first year of Joe and Kamala. When you tally up the damage, incompetence, and mayhem, it feels like Joe’s been in power for decades, not months.

Well, conservatives are going to need to hang on tight to that sense of humor as Biden takes his geriatric clown show on the road. It’s like that crazy uncle that escapes the house to flash your friends at the mall.

Worst. Nightmare.

Say what you want about Trump, but no one thought we were weak when he was in charge.

When you are strong, people tend to leave you alone. However, if you lead with weakness, enemies and even friends come to take advantage.

America doesn’t need someone more concerned about getting world leaders to like him than protecting American interests. It might make a good photo-op but at the cost of American jobs and taxpayer dollars.

And that brings us to this video that surfaced, showing just how far America has fallen in the eyes of the nation.

Someone placed a side-by-side comparison of President Trump at the G7 vs. Biden at the G7. The contrast could not be more clear or painful to watch.

Check it out:

Notice how President Trump wasn’t the most polite person but how no one messed with him. Compare that to Biden. The last kid picked at the party.

I don’t know about you, but I will need a lot more than a sense of humor to make it through another three years of this kind of weak leadership nonsense.

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