Hunter Biden Pitched Hollywood On Reality TV Show In 2019 As Joe Ran For POTUS


President Biden’s son Hunter almost cost him the election. Hunter’s reckless behavior was hard to ignore even with social media suppressing the news. Hunter publicly fought the stripper who named him as the father of her son. Hunter fought it for months until ordered to take a DNA test. 

He was the father, but he had moved on and married a woman he met in South Africa and only knew for a few weeks. This is all before the laptop and the crack scandal. He was kicked out of the Navy Reserves for cocaine. The guy is a walking scandal. Now we learn from a shocking new book that Hunter pitched television producers on a reality show during the summer of 2019. Hunter, of course, would be the star of the show alongside his new wife.

“A few weeks after the chair set aside for Hunter Biden by the stage at Biden’s campaign launch event in Philadelphia had stayed empty, he and his new wife spent the summer of 2019 in meetings with producers about a hazy concept they had for a reality TV show to highlight his charity work, which he said would also help soften his father’s image,” Dovere writes.

“He’s OK with this? one of the producers remembers asking Hunter. ‘I know where the line is,’ he said. ‘And my dad is understanding of what I am up to.’”

Biden became the Democratic nominee “almost in spite of Hunter,” Dovere claimed and he was being kind when he said it.

“If Beau Biden didn’t need Joe, Hunter had spent his life trading on his father’s name,” Dovere writes.

 “Joe was protective, always stepping in to help him along. When Biden was in the Senate, Hunter got a job at the Commerce Department.

“He got an appointment to the Amtrak board of directors. 

“He was a lobbyist who managed to attract some heavy-hitter clients who were hoping for help from his sheen.

“Hunter managed to get a special waiver to join the Navy Reserve at age forty-three and made it a month into his commission as an ensign before testing positive for cocaine. 

“Then he somehow received an administrative, rather than dishonorable, discharge. 

“Hunter had no background in the natural resources business. 

“Once he was done with the navy, he just happened to be named to the board of an energy company in the one country that had become his father’s top foreign policy priority. 

“Joe was aware, but not involved, always ready to again trust his son to do it right this time,” Dovere writes.

About the book:

“Edward-Isaac Dovere’s Battle for the Soul is the searing, fly-on-the-wall account of the Democrats’ journey through recalibration and rebirth. 

“Dovere traces this process from the early days in the wilderness of the post-Obama era, though the jockeying of potential candidates, to the backroom battles and exhausting campaigns, to the unlikely triumph of the man few expected to win, and through the inauguration and insurrection at the Capitol.

 “Dovere draws on years of on-the-ground reporting and contemporaneous conversations with the key players—whether in Pete Buttigieg’s hotel suite in Des Moines an hour before he won the Iowa caucuses or Joe Biden’s first-ever interview in the Oval Office—as well as aides, advisors, and voters. 

“With unparalleled access and an insider’s command of the campaign, Battle for the Soul offers a compelling look at the policies, politics, people and the often absurd process of running for president. 

“This fresh and timely story brings you on the trail, into the private rooms and along to eavesdrop on critical conversations. You will never see campaigns or this turning point in our history the same way again.”

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