If Democrats Can't Get Their Story Straight Psaki Is Out!

I have never seen a person whos job it is to answer questions be so unhappy about having to answer a question. Then again I have never worked for the radical left and the Biden admin either.

In the latest press conference Psaki was asked whether Biden was in favor of reopening the schools and she gave a short response about how the president needs to pass his covid relief plan.

Also asking the reporter, " are you the spokesperson for the White House, if so you can come on up, no your not!" before moving to the next question. 

I don't know if she's upset they found the slur she made about Lindsey Graham or if she is just tired of no one on the radical left being on the same page. Chicago, Colorado and New York thought they were signaled to open schools back up... oops wrong signal.

Gov. Newsom in California is also reopening to prevent from being recalled by the California lovers that have hung in there. While his handlers beg to hold out a little bit longer, their investments haven't fully bloomed.

Joe doesn't know where he is and they prop him up to ramble through a speech on a teleprompter that he's staring straight through, hand him some papers to sign and tell him to go back to bed.

All of that while they leave Psaki out there to answer for it. Good thing for Psaki has the leftstream media on their side and they aren't pressed on any real questions. Because I have a feeling if Psaki had one day of the McEnany reporter treatment she'd quit in the middle of the press conference.

Even with softball questions Psaki can't keep the radical lefts disfunction hidden very much longer. None of their actions make any sense and they constantly contradict themselves, it's no wonder Psaki circles back or refers reports somewhere else with almost every answer.


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