If You Need Anymore Reasons To Not Watch The NBA, We Have Yet Another


Yesterday the NBA playoffs kicked off and while ratings are up from last year they are still down overall and Adam Silver is not taking any chances.

So even though Lebron James has broken COVID protocol, Silver has said he will still allow James to play in the opening round of the playoffs.

That's right. James was caught out (maskless at that) having a night of drinks with the rapper Drake and then when people started questioning the event and COVID protocol, it quickly turned into a "promotional event" with apparently "zero" risk of spreading COVID.

Is it Silver feels ratings are more important than following the rules he has set in place or is it that the whole COVID pandemic has been blown way out of proportion and now it's coming back to bite the rule setter?

Or is it that "King" James would cry the league is racist and discriminating against him?

The double standard here is absurd. There has been numerous situations this season where people were kept out of game due to COVID protocol. Even last year during the playoffs, Lou Williams was kept out of important games due to COVID protocol.

It's funny James seems to be in the media spotlight pretty often these days for reasons other than basketball and his message is clear.

He is above everyone else as a person and he doesn't need to follow the rules he helps promote.

I really hope the rest of the NBA doesn't let James and Silver sweep this under the rug because it's time James is held to his own standard.

Let us know what you think of the NBA's double standard to improve their ratings in the comment section below.


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  • I can not fathom how Lebron thinks he is better than any one… we train seals to throw balls through baskets

    Joseph W Hunt

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