Is The Radical Left Sending Pro-Biden Shirts and Supplies To The Border?

By now I'm sure you have seen and heard about the crisis at the border, with thousands of illegal immigrants gaining enter into the country everyday.

The media portrays them as "refugees" escaping an impoverished country for a better chance in life. Forgetting that the term "refugee" is a person forced to leave their country because of war, persecution or natural disaster, none of which apply in these circumstances.

But if you take a close look at any of the pictures from what is going on at the border you notice they all seem to be wearing "Biden Please Let Us In" t-shirts. 

How did people living in such desperate times afford to buy brand new Biden shirts?

They also seem to all be wearing essentially brand new clothes other than the Biden t-shirts, new shoes, new bags and clean and refreshed after such a long journey, ready to protest with printed signs.

Take a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think. Is the radical left supplying these caravans to create these immigration problems? Or do impoverished citizens of third world counties live better than most Americans?

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  • This is horrible what the hell.

  • Please don’t start asking me for more money. I’m retired and give and donated as liberally as I could. Wonder who supplied shirts and signs….George Soros?


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