Jen Pissaki: If You’re Banned From One Social Media Platform, You Should Be Banned From ALL!

The Ministry of Truth has struck again!

Anyone else remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 and thinking there’s no possible way it could ever get this bad?

Banning words?

Changing words?


New editions of the dictionary?


Executing people who didn’t say what you wanted them to say?

It’s happening before our very eyes.

By the way, if you’ve never read 1984, now is the time….seriously… it is on audio cassette which is what I did so you can just listen to it while you do other stuff:

But now back to our story.

I a moment, I’m going to show you White House Press Secretary Jen Pissaki proudly declaring that if you get (unfairly) banned on one social media platform, you should be banned on ALL platforms!

Wait a second, I thought the whole argument used to be if you get banned on one you can just go to some other one?

Isn’t that what they used to say?

Or they would say “if you don’t like Facebook and Twitter, go create your own!”

So we did.

First Parler.


Along the way we started using Telegram.

I always say it, the Deplorables are the most creative, resilient people out there!

And so now they don’t like the fact we have other options.

So the narrative has changed.

They feel their control slipping away.

So now they want a total ban on everything!

You know what they really want?

They really would love to just usher us all into the ovens just like Hitler did…..but for now they’ll stick with “banned on one, banned on all”.

They’re baby-stepping.

Watch this disgraceful “woman” right here on Rumble:


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