Jill Biden Seems To Take Swipe At Melania Trump In England With Jacket Message

During President Biden’s first in-person meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, Jill Biden seemed to take a veiled swipe at Melania Trump. The first lady wore a black jacket over her dress as the leaders met on an overlook England with the word LOVE on the back. (See pictures below)

Melania Trump famously wore a jacket to visit the southwestern United States border that said “I really don’t care, do u?” The jacket spawned a million memes and the brand that sold it couldn’t keep it in stock. Melania stayed silent about the meaning behind the jacket but her spokeswoman spilled the beans later.

Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman said that the message was intended as a swipe at the media and that Melania was not commenting on the conditions the migrant children were dealing with at the border.

Reporters asked Jill Biden about the jacket and she said:

“I think that we’re bringing love from America. This is a global conference, and we are trying to bring unity across the globe.

“And I think it’s needed right now, that people feel a sense of unity from all the countries and feel a sense of hope after this year of the pandemic.”

Her communications director, when asked by reporters if this was a swipe at Melania, referred them to Jill’s comments.

From The Hill:

First lady Jill Biden wore a jacket with the word “LOVE” on the back when meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson on Thursday, telling reporters it was meant as a show of “unity.”

The jacket was seen by some as an effort to draw a contrast with former first lady Melania Trump, who on a trip to visit a migrant detention center in 2018 wore a jacket that said “I really don’t care, do you?,” attracting massive attention and spurring controversy.

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  • I think Biden’s wife is extremely jealous of the popularity of the former FLOTUS and jealousy does not look very good to the rest of the world Jill Biden!

    Susan Weeks

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