Joe Lieberman Breaks Silence, Slams The Squad: ‘Furthest Away From American Values And Interests’

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders and members of “The Squad,” for trying to block American weapon sales to Israel over the Gaza conflict.

Lieberman said: We’re not all on the same page. I would say that the ones who are furthest off the page, which is the page of fairness and American values and interests, are Senator Sanders and members of ‘The Squad.’ 

“They seem to be unable to distinguish between Hamas — a group that has been put on the foreign terrorist list by the U.S. State Department and an enemy of the United States and our ally, Israel — and on the other side, Israel, one of our closest allies in the world and a democratic country. 

“To jump on Israel, to threaten the removal of arms sales to Israel in this kind of conflict is just outrageously unfair.

“I think Hamas failed [to get back at their enemies] thanks to a very strong response from Israel, the effectiveness of the U.S. Israeli Iron Dome ballistic missile system. 

“And I think the quiet and effective diplomacy of President Biden, who was not drawn in by the left of the Democratic Party to essentially take a stand against Israel. 

“This was Hamas’ and Iran’s fault, not Israel’s. 

“I hope this experience changes the attitude of people in the Biden administration who are negotiating a new nuclear agreement with Iran. 

“You can’t trust Iran. 

“They’re out to hurt us. They’re out to hurt our allies,” he said.

“We’re engaged in the Middle East whether we like it or not,” former Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Connecticut told CNN. “So, we might as well acknowledge that and try to be engaged in the most constructive, strong and substantive way.”

From CNN:

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden plans to name a “qualified, experienced ambassador” to Israel in the “coming weeks.” Still, Biden is behind his recent predecessors in naming an ambassador or special envoy.

“It clearly would be better if the US had an ambassador there now,” said Lieberman, who served alongside Biden in the Senate for nearly two decades and is a strong supporter of Israel.

Until an ambassador is nominated and ultimately confirmed, Lieberman said the President should send a US envoy to the region.

“Time is of the essence now,” Lieberman told CNN. “It would be a constructive move to have a temporary envoy working with the administration in the Middle East region from the State Department or National Security Council to go over there on behalf of the President or (Secretary of State Tony) Blinken and see if they can help tamp this down before it gets out of control.”

On Wednesday morning, Blinken said he had asked a top State Department official “to go to the region immediately to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders” and urge de-escalation.

Blinken said Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel and Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr “will urge on my behalf, on behalf of President Biden, de-escalation of violence.”
“We are very focused on this,” Blinken said in remarks at the State Department. “The United States remains committed to a two-state solution. This violence takes us further away from that goal.”

Also on Wednesday, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Gantz, the latest in a spate of telephone calls from Washington to Israel as the situation devolved.

Psaki said there had been 25 “high level calls and meetings” between Biden administration officials and counterparts in the region since the weekend.


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