Leaked Photo Reveals Biden Got On His Knees Before The President Of Israel


Just when you think Biden couldn’t make America look weaker, he takes the extra effort and does just that.

A photo that has been making it’s way around the web shows Joe Biden getting on his knees before the President of Israel and his aide.

According to a publication from Israel the reason why he got on his knee’s was to honor President Rivlin’s aide Rivka Ravitz for being a mom to 13 children.

Take a look at the picture yourself:


The Times of Israel had more details and had these details to add:

Joe Biden has had four children of his own, but he is clearly impressed by mothers who raise more.

In a meeting with Israel’s outgoing president Reuven Rivlin at the White House on Monday, Biden knelt before Rivlin’s chief of staff, a Haredi Orthodox woman named Rivka Ravitz, in deference to the fact that she has 12 children.

The moment was reported by several media outlets, alongside a photo taken of the moment by a member of Israel’s Government Press Office accompanying the Israeli presidential delegation.

Rivlin had mentioned to Biden that Ravitz, 45, a key adviser for years, runs a household of 13 in addition to her demanding job, when the president knelt before her to express his admiration.

Rivlin clasped his hands in apparent surprise as he and Ravitz looked down at Biden, who lowered one knee to the floor and bowed his head.

He also got down on his knees for a photo op with the Los Angeles Dodgers too:



That’s not the only time he’s gotten on his knee on July 4th weekend he was caught doing it again:


And who could forget the time he kneeled to pledge his allegiance to the Marxist BLM organization:



Biden appears to like getting on his knees too much…

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  • Well he never surprises me anymore. He’s a total embarrassment to our country and the whole world is laughing at the once great USA 🇺🇸. I guess his baby sitter was really not paying attention to him and allowed him to make a complete fool of our country once again. I say Impeach the clown 🤡

    Literally tx woman

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