Liz Cheney Riding Corruption Until The Wheels Fall Off

Rep. Liz Cheney (Rhino-Wy) was recently on Fox News doing an interview with Chris Wallace. Wallace asked Cheney if she planned on stepping down after the Wyoming Republican party censured her and asked for her resignation from the house.

The Wyoming Republican party censured Cheney due to the fact she voted to impeach former President Trump. Saying she did not stand for the will of the people of Wyoming.

Cheney went on to inform Wallace that she would not be stepping down from her position and she would remain fighting for the "true Republican party." Calling all Trump supporters the party of Qanon, white supremacy and conspiracy theories.

Telling Wallace that Trump has left the party and it's voters misinformed that the 2020 election was not stolen and that they need to be truthful to be able to win back the White House in 2024.

Cheney still is claiming that the former president is the reason for the "insurrection," even though the USCP Chief has sent a letter to the house stating they had intel their would be violent attacks three days prior.

Attacking former President Trump that he put his personal interests before the American people and the constitution. Calling it the biggest betrayal of office in history, I guess she forgot about Richard Nixon or Bush and her father.

When Wallace asked how she felt about how current President Biden was doing. Cheney responded by saying reversing Trump's actions were devastating for our country. So she agrees with former President Trump's actions but in the same breath calls him the biggest betrayal to office?

Cheney revealed even more how she favors the old corrupt ways of the rhino Party of the new Republican Patriot Party. Let's not forget who Cheney's father is ole Dick, who along with President Bush conjured up the craziest conspiracies towards the middle east.

But yet Cheney is trying to say that the new republican patriot party is filled with conspiracy theories. No Liz.... the American people are sick and tired of your old corrupt rhino ways and we will no longer sit by while you and the Democrats continue putting your personal interests above the American People.

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  • Its RINO, not RHINO🤔🤤

  • Its RINO, not RHINO🤔🤤


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