Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims AOC Has Agreed To Debate The Green New Deal

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has agreed to debate her on the economics of the New York rep’s prized Green New Deal proposal.

“I’m glad I ran into you today @AOC to plan our debate about the Green New Deal. After I finish reading all 14 pages, like we agreed, I’ll schedule time for our debate,” Greene wrote.

Greene said today, “I read your 14 page Communists manifesto @AOC. Looking forward to debating you.” She also joined GOP Rep Thomas Massie in denouncing a new move by the House Dems. Massie said:

“This is messed up! House Democrats suspended the rules and jammed 15 unrelated bills into one vote. They said it would take too long to vote on each of these bills individually. If that’s true, why are we quitting work this week at roughly noon on Thursday?”

AOC has not commented or confirmed she will debate Greene but in Washington anything is possible.

From The New York Post:

Earlier this month, Greene challenged AOC to a live, televised debate on the economic policy behind the Green New Deal.

“Since you sponsored the Green New Deal and have a degree in Economics, I’m sure you are more than qualified,” Greene wrote on Twitter at the time.

“I just have a degree in Business Admin and have owned a construction company for 20 years.”

The GOP lawmaker, who was stripped of her committee assignments over her controversial stances, argued that a debate between her and Ocasio-Cortez would be “informative for the American People. They deserve to hear the two sides with pro’s and cons.”


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