Marjorie Taylore Greene: “Joe Biden You’re Not A President You’re A Piece Of S**T”

Colorful words Mrs.Greene!

I think the sentiment is shared among many people.

It has been an absolutely abysmal 7 months. Joe Biden has managed to usher in record inflation, fail on practical Covid policy, divide the country even further, and embolden the left wing loonies.

All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the absolute catastrophe that is Afghanistan, but hey… least maybe now Americans will learn a powerful lesson….

The lesson that we all must learn when Atlas Shrugs.

They didn’t like President Trump because he got the job done, yet made some mean tweets?

Well, this is what they get when they vote on colored hair and identity politics.

Here’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene had to say to TaliBiden:


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