Monetary Reset Is Coming, Have You Been A Good "Corporate" Citizen?

 A few weeks ago we heard Kamala Harris introduce the word "corporate citizen" and she used this word intentionally.

She is beginning to drip feed the idea of a monetary reset where good corporate citizens are rewarded for following the government's direction.

Forget your hard work, saving money and building a future because under the Biden administration all that is out the window. 

Instead we all become government slaves where our monetary value depends on how much we value their ideas.

This isn't something that may happen, this is actually happening as you read this. There over over 80 central banks around the world looking into how to transition into digital currency.

If this think this is some wild far fetched conspiracy theory, just look at what big tech did to President Trump when he left office. They cut off all payment gateways to his online retail. 

If all currency goes digital, how do you stop them from cutting you off when they decide you have been a "bad corporate citizen?"

Checkout the short video below from TGP where they discuss this very thing and how it will affect us all.


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