More Proof The Great Steal Actually Happened

On Election night 2020 six battleground states announced they were going to quit counting before midnight and go home for the night.

The six states all had Democratic governors, except for Georgia who had Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. President Trump was ahead in each state before the “pauses.”

Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada mysteriously quit counting around midnight. At least, that is what was announced. We know now that counting continued in several of the Democrat strongholds and ballots were shipped in by van in the dead of the night to at least one of the counting centers.

Today The Storm Has Arrived dug up footage of Chris Wallace gleefully announcing that these battleground states had quit counting. This was RIGHT AFTER FOX News called Arizona for Joe Biden, a state that had not gone to a Democrat since Bob Dole.

For anyone wondering why they stopped counting in Pennsylvania at 10:30 PM on Election Night, Chris Wallace had the answer the whole time!

Chris told the FOX News audience the election workers had to go home because “they’re normal people.” And they all acted like this was normal.

But then one by one overnight when people had already gone home, Biden votes started coming in in overwhelmingly favorable margins to flip each state to pull out the victory they announced in the morning.


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