Nancy Sends The House Home Before Working On COVID Relief

Democrats say their top priority is passing COVID relief but their actions sure don't prove it.
Instead of getting the COVID relief bill ready to pass over to the Senate directly following the political theatre of their impeachment, Pelosi thought it would be better to send all the House members back home and get back to work after the impeachment trial is over.

With Democrat members of the House not even seeing eye to eye on the bill you would think this would be a great time for them to hash the details. Is there going to be a $15/hr minimum wage amendment in the bill? What is the income threshold for stimulus checks? How much is being sent to foreign countries?

Is Pelosi going to return to the House and force through whatever she wants in the relief bill? Who really knows what's going on at this point, none of the radical left seem willing to answer any questions and will punish you if you do dare question there actions. 

All we really know is that the actions the radical left have shown over the last 5 years is they are pro everything that's NOT America and American citizens. Or we wouldn't still be waiting on businesses to reopen or stimulus checks, impeaching a former president or restricting travel from red states. It's time the other half of America wakes up!


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