Negative Nancy Is Swinging For The Fences In Her Last Term

At a press conference today, Nancy Pelosi spoke on the COVID relief bill and still attacking Republican House members for no apparent reason.

Nancy is still trying to send shots at any Republican that she feels stands in her path during her last term. Attacking Republicans for legally carrying a firearm at the Capitol, when both Democrats and Republicans carry a firearm at the Capitol.

She also attacked Rep. Majorie Greene calling her a "conspiracy theorist" and saying she is appalled at Republican leadership for keeping her in her position. This is after she tried she say Ms. Greene verbally assaulted a Democrat party member in the hallways, which was later to be proven quite the opposite through a video.

When discussing COVID relief she said that the Republicans where trying to pick and choose who got relief and who doesn't. But the only parts that the bills differ on is money for schools, who have already received 110% of their normal budget and the CDC is now saying teachers don't need to be vaccinated.

The income limit to receive a stimulus check is also a point that they differ on. Republicans argue that above a certain income threshold the stimulus just becomes savings and not stimulating the economy.

Nancy also went on to emphasize how important it was to provide relief to the Native American community. That could be due to the fact they just killed most of their jobs with Biden's executive orders.

At the end she was asked about the impeachment of former President Trump and she what she thought about Republicans saying they would call the FBI to testify in the trial. Pelosi wouldn't even entertain the idea and told the reporter the question was a waste of time.

Time and time again Pelosi pushes her political agenda at the cost of anything in her path while reaffirming everyone that what she is doing is a good thing. Demanding everyone agrees with her and refusing to answer any questions to her actions.

I would love to let Nancy know this is not a dictatorship that she controls and she is nothing more than a state representative that has bullied her way into the being the "poster boy" of the house. This is a democracy and the American people will make sure it stays that way.


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  • Pelosi, Schumer Mcconell are poster people for term limits

    Bubba D

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