New School Board Instantly Liberates Children From Masks

Parents showed up to protest Vail School District in Arizona to lift its mask mandate which was still requiring students to wear masks.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey lifted mask mandates for K-12 schools last week Monday April 19 according to a new executive order.

Parents wanted the school district to get rid of the mask requirement for kids and the school board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday.

“After the community heard the news of the meeting’s cancelation, some parents got upset. They demanded to speak to the board. Five parents along with their kids were allowed to speak to the board,” KVOA reported.

Parents showed up to the meeting to find that it was cancelled and Pima Country Sheriff’s Department deputies were called out to keep things peaceful.

“School officials say district leaders are working on a letter to send to all parents as a reminder that the mask mandate remains in place. The school year in Vail ends in under four weeks,” the outlet reported.

The district told News 4 Tucson about 90 percent of parents support the mask mandate for their kids.

“There’s always the smaller portion that likes to be louder than others,” one parent said. “But I believe the school district does a great job of hearing and putting the concerns and safety of everyone.”

One parent who has two children in the district stated that she worries this community has reached a breaking point it cannot come back from.

“They have never not asked for our input on anything. We get to help build the high school. We get to help name the high school. We help pick the colors. They literally invented three different ways to educate our kids, so they could try to appease everyone during a pandemic,” she said. “The community gets torn apart and we are so divided we can’t get put back together again. Vail’s all about our community.”


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