Pelosi Calls Republicans "Cowardly" Showing Even More They Don't Want Unity

After the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump ended in acquittal, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took to a press conference to slam her fists down and call the Republican Senators are "cowards."

This all comes after the entire leadership of the left has been calling for "unity," saying they want to work with their Republican colleagues. Calling over 80% of the Republican Senators "cowards" is definitely not they way to go about uniting this country.

Pelosi has every right to feel however she wants about the outcome of the trial but she does not have the right to degrade the majority of the Republican party just because she disagrees with their decision.

If people can't see by now that Pelosi and her cronies are behind creating an unrepairable division in this country, they really need to wake up and reevaluate somethings.

Whether Republican or Democrat we have to work together to remove any politician that puts themselves before this country. With a 21% approval rate this can be the common ground Republicans and Democrats use to restore relationships. 

Before left or right we are all Americans hoping for a better future.

See Nancy's full press conference below, her body language, tone and words show exactly how much unity she wants.

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  • You don’t believe in protecting the American people and you do not speak for us!

    Carol P

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