Pelosi's All In On Her Last Term

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirming this is her last term as speaker she's cut the brake lines and put the pedal to the floor with corruption.

With her only interests being control and enriching herself, Pelosi needs to be removed from her office immediately. She has time and time again put her political agenda above the American people.

Her and her mob of politicians have forced businesses to remain closed while delaying relief to the American people so former President Trump didn't get a "win." Saying that relief can now come because we have a new president, shortly after Biden took office.

But yet Pelosi put impeaching a former president they knew was never going to be convicted before COVID relief and now attaching the radical left's "wish list" to the COVID bill to continue padding her bank account.

Nancy and her husband Paul have been known to make a few financial investments into companies with bills in the House Nancy is bringing to a vote. If you think Paul's moves with Tesla was a first, that's the tip of the iceberg my friends.

The American people deserve better out of our Speaker of the House especially during a "pandemic" they helped cause. Pelosi must have Articles of Expulsion filed against her and let the bipartisan House Ethics Committee investigate.

If Nancy is not removed we will continue to see Nancy play political games and much worse. She is riding corruption until the wheels fall off in her last term and the American people have no interest in riding with her. 


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  • She is EVIL

    Pat Cammarata

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