Pennsylvania Voters Strip Dem Governor Of Emergency Powers


The voters in Pennsylvania have revolted and voted to approve two ballot measures to curtail the Dem governor’s emergency powers. This is being praised as a big victory for Republican lawmakers as they have been critical of Tom Wolf’s response to the pandemic.

Around 54% of voters wanted to amend the state constitution to allow a simple majority of lawmakers the ability to terminate a disaster declaration at any time. Prior to this, a declaration required the Governor’s consent or the support of two-thirds of the General Assembly to be ended.

“A yes vote does not take power away from the governor,” Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R., Westmoreland) said earlier. “Rather, it brings back the balance of power by giving the people a say in how to manage their communities during emergency situations.”

“For more than 13 months during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Wolf has exerted nearly unlimited power to suspend state statutes, spend money without the authorization of the legislature, and close schools and businesses as he saw fit,” Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R., Centre) said earlier.

.“The voters have spoken,” Wolf said. “And we’re going to do what I think the voters expect us to do and to make the best of it.”

Wolf fought both measures. From CBS:

The Pennsylvania primary is now just days away. Gov. Tom Wolf visited Philadelphia on Thursday to urge voters to choose no on two important ballot questions.

Wolf spoke outside Philadelphia City Hall, defending his pandemic stay-at-home and other executive orders made during the pandemic. He wants voters to choose no on those ballot questions next week, but not everyone agrees.

So some of the ballot questions voters will see at the polls next week are all about putting some limits on the governor’s executive order ability during emergencies, limits the governor does not want to see happen.

“Everybody needs to answer yes to these questions,” said Nichole Missino, owner of Giovanni’s Barber Shop in Media.

The owner of Giovanni’s Barber Shop in Delaware County says the executive orders were so restrictive, it nearly crippled her business.

“Gov. Wolf has basically been King Wolf of Pennsylvania for the last year. He hasn’t been working with the legislation at all, so I feel like we need to take some of that back,” Missino said.


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