President Trump Brings In The Big Guns For Lawsuit Against Big Tech


Trump is calling in all the big guns for the lawsuit against big tech and their CEOs. He is leaving nothing on the table in his pursuit to take down big tech.

Trump has asked Alan Dershowitz, a harvard law professor, to be an expert witness in the case. You may remember Dershowitz from doing a stand up job representing the President in the first phony impeachment trial.

And the best part Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat and he is even on Trump's side and says big tech needs to be stopped!

Dershowitz said he was asked to be an expert witness in this case and he said he submitted an affidavit for the lawsuit. He also said the lawsuit “will shake things up considerably” and that the case is very complicated and he said he could not offer a prediction on the outcome because of the legal complexities. 

Alan said: “As you know, I wrote a book about that exact subject, ‘The Case Against the New Censorship: Protecting Free Speech from Big Tech,’ so I’m deeply involved in this issue, and I was also asked to be an expert witness. 

“And I did submit an affidavit for this lawsuit, so I’m not simply an observer.

 “This is a very, very important lawsuit. What’s going on with high tech is unacceptable.

“It’s inconsistent with the spirit of free speech that underlies our First Amendment.

“This is a complicated case because, as the president pointed out, and as Pam Bondi pointed out, and as the others pointed out, these are not just ordinary private companies.

“They have special exemption under Section 230, and therefore they partake of some kind of government action, and the courts will have to parse this issue. 

“How much of what they do is private? How much of what they do partakes of being public? “What we don’t want is the government telling private companies what they can say and what they can do. 

“That would be wrong, but we don’t want these crazy public enormous monopolistic companies to be restricting our free speech. 

“The current situation is unacceptable, and this lawsuit I think will shake things up considerably, though I can’t predict in the end how it will come out,” he said.

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  • I submitted my info last night to join the Class Action Against big tech. I would like to know if it has been received? My story was cut off before the end & I just want to know if I need to do anything else?


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