Proof Of How They Cheated In Pennsylvania

We all know the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump. 

We know it happened in multiple ways in multiple states, but how exactly did it all happen?

This video does a great job of detailing how the election in Pennsylvania was stolen from President Trump. 

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  • Where is the video?

  • When an out of COUNTRY company comes in to ‘help’ with our election….and the states that received this help had unreal numbers of votes for one candidate… such as Dominion…their illegal activities should be THOROUGHLY EXAMINED! We should never be using out of COUNTRY companies in our elections.

    Reid Parker
  • I don’t understand why we have to sit around and watch that idiot Joe ruin this great nation and know that President Trump should be in the office, there are no laws for democrats anymore and we should be tired of the lawlessness

    Katherine Brennick

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