Rapper Tom MacDonald Leads The Radical Left To The Slaughterhouse

Rapper Tom MacDonald known for his "controversial" music is back at it again and this time he has a message for the "woke" community.

MacDonald's songs are filled with truth and facts much different than what the mainstream rap industry has been pushing on kids for decades. The industry and media have labeled MacDonald controversial because he goes against the grain and exposes the lies and destructive traits of the music industry, media and government.

Hate him or love him, Tom clearly doesn't care but you do have to respect MacDonald. He and his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller are self made music titans, doing everything on their own dime and hard work. 

Checkout Tom MacDonald's "Fake Woke"  directed by Nova Rockafeller. If you aren't already go follow Tom MacDonald.


Censoring the facts, turns our children into idiots!- Tom MacDonald

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  • Thank you! Keep the message coming.

  • Thank you. I wrote about the New Radicals 20 years ago. Tom is one.

    Eddie Huff

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