Rep. Bill Johnson to Newsmax: Biden's Team Must Apologize or Admit He's Not Fit

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President Joe Biden's team either owes the United States an apology for the advice they gave him concerning the exit from Afghanistan or, if the president acted alone, they must stand up and admit he's not fit to be in the White House, Rep. Bill Johnson said on Newsmax Tuesday. 

"The entire front line, from the secretary of State to Defense, to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, they owe the American people a big apology," the Ohio Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "If this is what they told him to, then they failed, and if they didn't then they have a responsibility to stand up and tell the American people that Joe Biden is not fit to sit in the White House as commander-in-chief."

The withdrawal of forces from a war zone should not have been a State Department operation in the first place, Johnson added, and in this case," you're talking about the same team that was in charge when the Benghazi embassy fell during the Obama administration."

Johnson Tuesday also pointed out that by pulling troops out of Afghanistan, the United States has lost its eyes and ears on the ground. 

"The Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaida have been fighting each other for generations," said Johnson. "The only thing they hate worse than each other is Americans, and they are joined together like they were prior to 9/11 to come after us. The war on terror is going to be fought, [and] it's either going to be fought in our backyard or it's going to be fought in theirs."

But thanks to Blinken and the Biden administration, "we've not only left the backyard.  We've left the neighborhood and now we have no assets there to see what the bad guys are doing," said Johnson. 

The administration was also mistaken in pulling out all troops from Afghanistan. 

"We made that mistake after World War I," said Johnson. "We left the continent. Just a decade or two later, Germany began to mobilize again. We had to fight World War II all over again, and we learned a lesson. That's why we have American troops throughout Europe today. That's why we have American troops in Japan. That's why we have American troops in South Korea because Americans are the guardians of the gate of freedom, and we are standing guard at the gate and keeping our eyes on the bad guys. They tend to be a little bit more careful about what they do. And this is a bad day for safety and security, not only of Americans but for our allies around the world. The war on terror has just entered a new phase."

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