RINOs Are Quickly Being Asked To Step Down

A county Republican Party in Kentucky demanded that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) resign as leader after his comments on the Senate floor over the past weekend.

“I do not take this action lightly and understand the ramifications in doing so,” says a written statement by Nelson County GOP head Don Thrasher released on Tuesday, noting that he received Trump’s statement about McConnell’s leadership. “As the highest ranking Republican in that position you are de facto leader of the National Republican Party.”

“The overwhelming number of Republicans in Nelson County are not on your side on this issue and I speak on their behalf,” he says, writing that McConnell’s “leadership does not represent the Republican voters that put our faith in you in the last primary election” before asking the Senate Republican leader to resign.

The Epoch Times reached out to McConnell’s office for comment. After Trump’s statement was published, McConnell has not issued a public response.

The Nelson County Republican Party censured McConnell last month over the GOP leader’s comments on the Senate floor in condemning Trump’s speech to supporters on Jan. 6.

On Tuesday evening, Trump released a statement via his Save America PAC and called on Republican senators to abandon McConnell and threatened primary challenges to Republican incumbents.

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  • McConnell is part of the swamp establishment, he needs to be put out to the pasture.

    walter balcerski
  • He is done!!!… He will never get my vote again.. He needs to lose his job over this!!! Along with the rest of them. That voted to impeach our great President TRUMP..

    Ricky Billings
  • With him I swear the republican party will fail. In facts, you can not have a leadership of the party who is saboteur and betrayal against his own party members, and who can not stand till and support his members and nor matters how is situation, but it stands to make sure the party is collapsed…….and I hope it is a warning for Republican party to look forwards before is too late, and however I certainly dropped my pen…..

  • Mitch is done. Hope he got a lot of Reserve Burbon to drink. He’ll need it to live with himself. Mitch you look exactly like granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Except she more handsome

    Robert Corrente
  • Have voted for Mitch in the past because I thought he would be a better choice than any democrat. I will never support him again in any form of fashion. He is not A RINO he is a Chameleon he changes his colors and views to benefit Mitch and Mitch only.

    Kelly hardesty

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