Sylvester Stallone Joins Mar-a-Lago Club, Liberals Lose Their Minds



In the religion of woke, any affiliation with former President Donald Trump is a cardinal sin. Even a perceived association can be cause for cancellation, and many people — even those with fame and fortune to their name — have fallen victim to this phenomenon.

But one celebrity appears to be completely undeterred by Twitter mobs — Sylvester Stallone.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Stallone recently purchased a 13,241-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, for the bargain price of $35 million dollars. Shortly after, he paid the $200,000 initiation fee to join Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

The Washington Times conducted an interview with Frank just after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, during which the younger Stallone said that Trump was “gonna do great [as president]. Because I’ve worked with him and known him a long time. He’s a guy who is not programmed to fail.”

He also commented on Trump’s personality, saying he’s “a nice guy. He really is. Very personable.”

However, it appears that liberal Twitter users did not know as much about the Stallone family as they thought. The reaction to Sylvester’s entry into Mar-a-Lago was nearly instantaneous and extremely vicious.

It is amazing to me the extent to which the Twitterverse is incapable of handling political opinions that are contradictory to their own.

It’s easy to pick on a celebrity through the safety of a device’s screen, but can you imagine if they treated the tens of millions of Trump voters the same way in public?

The bottom line is that Sylvester Stallone is 74 years old and unfathomably wealthy. Any movie he participates in at this point is because he feels like it. He does not require the support of the woke and is thus not vulnerable to their machinations.

Perhaps there is something we all can learn from the Stallone brothers. Even though I, and certainly most readers of this article, are not unfathomably wealthy, cancellation is only a serious concern if we allow it to be.


  • Only the strongest friendships survive great friendship last a lifetime.

    Porfirio Lee Baca
  • I congratulate Stallone for standing up to and ignoring the liberals in this country and especially in Hollywood.
    Over half of Americans are sick and tired of the twister political correctness peculating through America.
    We all have the right to our own opinions..


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