Texts Reveal Secret Service Had To Babysit Hunter During Drug Binge


Explosive text messages reveal that a high-ranking U.S. Secret Service agent was tasked with keeping tabs on Hunter Biden while he was holed up in a Los Angeles hotel room during his admitted cocaine binge.

“As your friend, we need to resolve this in the immediate. Call the front desk now H or I will have to assume you are in danger and we will have to make them give us keys,” texted Robert Savage, supervising agent of the Secret Service’s Los Angeles office.

When Biden didn’t appear, Savage tersely texted: “We’re at your door. Open it.”

Biden said in a CBS interview that he spent the years before his 2019 marriage “on my hands and knees, picking through rugs, smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine. I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone you know.”

On May 24, 2018, he was living in Los Angeles. At the time, Joe Biden was the former vice president and no longer had Secret Service protection. Neither did his son Hunter. At 6:37 p.m., the following text exchange occurred between Savage and Hunter Biden, using the code word “Celtic,” which meant Joe Biden:

Savage: “H- I’m in the lobby, come down. Thanks, Rob.”

Biden: “5 minutes.”

Savage: “Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account. DC is calling me every 10. Let me up or come down. I can’t help if you don’t let me. H.”

Biden: “I promise be right down. Sorry.”

Savage: “Dales here. He (sic) a going to front desk call and tell them to give us a key now H. As your friend we need to resolve this in the immediate. Call the front desk now H or I will have to assume you are in danger and we will have to make them give us keys.”

Biden: “Really Rob I am coming down right now. I really promise. Was in the bathroom buddy. Coming right this second.”

Below is a screenshot of the text exchange:

Given that Biden did not have Secret Service protection at the time, it’s unknown how Savage knew Biden was allegedly in distress in a hotel room.

Last week, an audio clip from Hunter’s laptop was released that revealed he was bragging about smoking crack with former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.

Listen below:

In the call with an unnamed friend the Hunter chided his friend for being “so f**king racist,” after he suggested that civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. took cocaine. But then Hunter went on to admit he did cocaine with the former DC mayor.

“Did Martin Luther King do coke? I don’t know,” the unnamed friend said on the recorded phone call. “With an Indian and a black man.”

“Oh, see, you are such a racist I swear to God,” Hunter said. “No, he didn’t, Jesus Christ. You’re so f***ing funny.”

“That mayor from D.C. did,” the friend replied. “Marion Barry.”

“You know what, I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to f***ing God,” Hunter said.

“That was in Georgetown. And he used to go to a place right next to the guards. And I was a sophomore I guess, I was a junior when that happened,” Hunter said.

“But he used to come there and drink like late, late. And I would be there, and he would go to the bathroom,” he said.

The audio comes on the heels of emails that showed Biden had set up a meeting for his dad, while he was vice president, with some of his shady business associates.

The report, from The New York Post, said that Joe Biden had a dinner business meeting in Washington, D.C., on April 16, 2015, that included business associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani business associates of his son’s at a dinner in Washington, DC, while he was vice president, records on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show.

The dinner, on April 16, 2015, was held in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano, a Georgetown institution whose catchphrase is: “Where the world’s most powerful people go.”

The next day, Hunter received an email from Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, to thank him for introducing him to his father.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” Pozharskyi said in the email dated April 17, 2015. “It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

This came at a time when the Ukrainian energy company Burisma was paying Hunter Biden, who had no experience in the energy industry, $83,333 to be on its board.

Before the dinner, Hunter Biden informed the guests that his dad would be there. In one email he appeared to use his position on the board of World Food Program USA as a cover for the meeting.

“Ok – the reason for the dinner is ostensibly to discuss food security,” Hunter said in an email to Michael Karloutsos, son of the then-head of the Greek Orthodox Church, on March 26.

“Dad will be there but keep that between us for now. Thanks,” he said.

“Everything is between us. All good‎! … I know you mentioned your dad would probably join the dinner as well,” Karloutsos said.

Three Kazakhstan officials were also invited to the dinner at Café Milano. They included Marc Holtzman, who was the chairman of Kazkommertsbank, the largest bank in the former Soviet republic.

“Yelena doesn’t want to steal Yuri’s Thunder, so she’ll be in town to meet with us but doesn’t want to come to dinner,” Archer said in an email on March 20. “That was just her thoughts. We could insist.”

“Obviously save a seat for your guy (and mine if he’s in town.),” he said.

“I think your guy being there is more trouble than it’s worth- unless you have some other idea,” Hunter said.

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