The BIG LIE Gets Even Deeper with Seth Keshel

 At Mike Lindell's highly-anticipated Cyber Symposium Seth Keshel stated that the votes for Trump weren't the only thing that was stolen.

Seth went on to say that Democrats also stole 5 seats were stolen from Republican senators.

This is huge breaking news because not only should President Trump still be our president but Republicans would have control of the Senate as well, 55-45.

In the video below Seth discusses how when you dive deeper into the election state by state the evidence is clear that the Democrats had to cheat to stay in control of the Senate.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think even more evidence will be revealed showing Democrats stole even more votes?



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  • Mike Lindell has done what everyone else said was impossible. He has been a vessel of hope for all of us. He has accomplished something unprecedented in our Country by bringing together representatives from ALL 50 of our States—many of whom have the power and authority to see this through to the end and effect the real changes and legislation necessary to defeat the nefarious actors who are responsible for this series of criminal acts—crimes that have undermined the People’s Trust in our most sacred of institutions. The true magnitude of this ingenious strategy remains to be seen, and given the obstacles that have relentlessly plaqued any inquiries into the validity of our Votes that isn’t surprising. But The People are sharing the news of this effort far and wide, and it is encouraging those who have been complacent to take action. Now that people can see with their own eyes what has been allowed to occur on our watch, and now that a tangible plan has been formulated to wage war against those who have lied to our faces while undermining the reverent foundations of our government,The Citizens of the United States of America can finally begin the process of exacting justice, and seeking punishment for those who violated their sacred oath to Protect and Defend our Nation from Tryanny. I am now utterly convinced that the events leading up to, during, and after the 2020 election displayed a blatant disregard for the rule of law, exhibiting a clear and present danger to our safety and security; cyber targeting our Government in an Undeniabe Declaration of War, which should, heretofore, be viewed as Treason, and Prosecuted accordingly, with the strictest adherence to the Constitution, so as to dissuade those, who in the future, might conveniently forget these hard learned lessons so that Truth Will Finally Prevail. If we hold steadfast, stay the course and win the Battles ahead of us, History will Commemorate the Courage and Wisdom of the Patriots who have acted with Honor to defend what so many have given their lives to safeguard. My profound and deepest gratitude to Mike Lindell for assembling the most dynamic, highly credentialed, respected community leaders, expert computer programers, elite squads of hackers, courageous elections officials, devoted politicians, brave whistleblowers, and various other captains of industry who have picked up the torch of Liberty, to carry on and ensure the eternal flame of hope that was nearly extinguished, continues to shine upon our Glorious Nation, and to continue to be the beacon of hope and freedom that the entire world has come to depend upon, aspiring to emulate our Experiment in Freedom. Our Principles Cannot be Compromised, Our Determination Cannot Waiver, Our Faith Cannot Falter, and Our National Pride Cannot Be Diminished by allowing these Injustices and tolerating insolence to creep into our greatest institutions. So Today we band together to defend our birthrights, shoulder to shoulder, heads held high, seeking justice and liberty for all, and proudly pledging allegiance to the United States of America. With these things in mind, go into the world and spread the news that our Flag Still Waves. Thank You for Your Service to Our Nation. ~ Jaclyn Ellis

    Jaclyn Ellis

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