The Crypt Keeper Is Above Her Own Mask Mandate

Nancy Pelosi loves to parade around trying to dictate every aspect of peoples lives. The only problem is Pelosi seldomly practices what she preaches.

Recently Pelosi made a huge publicity stunt about mandating masks back in the Capitol building, calling Rep. McCarthy a "moron" because he didn't agree with her policy.

Well it turns out apparently Pelosi thinks of herself as a moron as well because at her latest tv appearance she walked all around and kept no social distancing all without wearing her mask.

But she couldn't forget to put on the mask for the photo op. As you can see in the video clip below Pelosi doesn't bother with her mask until they are about to take the picture and then it takes her a minute to even figure out how it goes on and she never ends up getting the mask on correctly.

She basically just gives up and clamps the thing to her nose and then proceeds to try to talk through the mask as if she was Darth Vader. 

If you don't understand how to put a mask on or refuse to wear one unless there is pictures taken, you probably shouldn't go around belittling anyone that doesn't agree with the mandate you don't even follow.

Republican house representatives need to make sure Pelosi holds herself to her own standards and is arrested for violating her policy.


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