Tucker Carlson Releases the Undeniable Truth of the 2020 Election

A large majority of Trump supporters continue to believe that President Joe Biden won the election because of voter fraud.

A Monmouth University poll released on June 21 found that 63 percent of Republicans believe that former President Donald Trump was the true winner. In November, the figure was 66 percent; in January, 69 percent; and 64 percent in March. It has remained remarkably steady.

Following the election, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was open to the possibility that fraud may have occurred. However, after Trump attorney Sidney Powell failed to produce the explosive evidence she’d claimed she had, Carlson appeared to sour on the theory and has largely stayed away from it.

This is why I was surprised to see him address the topic on his Friday night show.

“It wasn’t just the way votes were counted or the voting machines that shook people’s faith in our democracy. It was the preceding four years and the way our ruling class behaved during those four years,” Carlson said.

He had come across a tweet thread posted by podcaster Darryl Cooper which he said “crystalized” the reasons why large numbers of Trump supporters believe the election was “rigged.” He proceeded to read the thread, which was indeed compelling.

As I see it, Cooper absolutely nails it in the following tweet. This “regime” really has crossed all institutional boundaries.

Once-revered institutions including the FBI and the CIA were engaged in a plot against a presidential candidate they did not like. After this candidate became president, they doubled down on their attempts to destroy him.

And they were aided in their efforts by a complicit media more interested in shaping the news than reporting it.

The “deep state” tried to undermine the new president by opening investigations into him for crimes they knew he had not committed.

When the truth was finally revealed, Trump supporters expected that those who perpetrated the scandal would be held accountable, but nothing happened.

And those same individuals simply moved on to the next attempt to oust Trump, which was impeaching him over an innocuous phone call with the Ukrainian president.

The deep state has hijacked the American government, and its successes have emboldened its members.

Conservatives’ biggest fears were realized once Biden took office. The wishlist items of those who once formed the radical wing of the Democratic Party are now the party’s platform.

Over the past six months, we’ve watched this administration trample our individual liberties and the Constitution. What happens next will determine the future of our country.

Conservative commentator and writer Mark Levin, also known as “The Great One,” joined Sean Hannity’s show on Friday night to discuss his new book “American Marxism,” which will be released on Tuesday.

“We are not looking into the abyss anymore. We are in the abyss,” Levin told Hannity. The author said we need to know exactly who we are dealing with if we plan to claw our way out of the abyss.

Like it or not, this is an existential moment for America.

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  • Tucker also needs to have on Doctors who have evidence and valid concerns on the vaccine! Not a blanket statement that everyone needs the vaccine! There is more than a concern over vaccine deaths, forced vaccination by workplaces, schools, hospitals! I am hearing this on the radio! Where is right media! Fox News! Please , your ratings are dropping! OAN has the guts to air stuff you don’t! The Arizona audit! There is deep concern over the side effects of this Experimental Vaccine! 10-15 years down the road, autoimmune diseases, neorological disease, Parkinson’s disease , Alzheimer’s disease. This RNA vaccine can cause these diseases to exacerbate. Where is your coverage of this?! Doctors are talking about this and being silenced! Money, money, power, power!

    Michelle Grzywacz

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