Was The D.C. Bomber The First Of Many False Flags?

Yesterday there was breaking news that there was an active bomber in D.C. sending part of the city into lock down.

The bomber Floyd Ray Roseberry is now being tied to the false narrative of continued violence against the Capitol from Trump supporters, even though a report has just released by the FBI stating there is no evidence Jan. 6 was a coordinated attack from Trump supporters.

This doesn't stop MSNBC and Democrats from continuing to spread this falsehood and further divide the country. 

As you can see in the video below on MSNBC they do this very tactic, by calling all Trump supporters domestic terrorists still, as well as saying Republican politicians sit mute while allowing these terrorists to plan.

 If this isn't promoting hatred amongst a certain group then I'm not sure what is, all while Democrats cry for equality. But that's what Democrats do is say one thing with their words and do the complete opposite with their actions.

I have a feeling as we witness just how unequipped the Biden regime is at running this country we will see a lot more events like this directed at how Republicans are the biggest threat to this country.

It's the Democrats way of drawing attention off their failed policies and terrible agenda while pushing their narrative.

All patriots stay safe and keep your head on a swivel, we can't play into their hand. We must continue to have faith and trust the process is working.

God bless and stay safe!


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