WATCH: Bill de Blasio Suggests Families Will Be Separated Over Experimental COVID-19 Vaccination Status

For anyone who missed it, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the Big Apple will soon be a Medical Fascist State.

Enforcement of COVID-19 Vaccine Passports for most indoor activities will begin in September.

Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. will ban those who refuse to take part in the Big Pharma experiment.

On Wednesday, De Blasio was glowing about reigning in Nazism into NYC.


While speaking on CBS This Morning, De Blasio discussed injecting 5-11 year olds with the experimental jabs.

And he made the eerie comment that he doesn’t want to separate families.


Communist control freaks like De Blasio don’t mind removing children from their home if there’s no resistance to their tyrannical power grabs.

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