What Happened To The Senate Doing COVID Relief and Impeachment?

Who remembers when ole Chuck Schumer told the nation they would do COVID relief and hold the impeachment trial at the same time?

Two weeks ago we heard Super Schumer talk about how they had three very important things to do in the next three weeks and they would all get done. Well we have two weeks left and only one of those things has been done and now they are holding the trial for the "impeachment" of former President Trump.

During the opening arguments yesterday the congressman from Colorado's 2nd Dristict, Joe Neguse described a number of different cases throughout history where an impeachment trial was held after the members left office, in some circumstances years after.

The Democrats argue there is no time limit to be able to impeach a member of office and in the same breathe will argue they have to move now to save the constitution. They tell us "big bold" covid relief is their top priority while their actions prove otherwise, the Democrats have become a walking oxymoron.

The Democrats continue with their political theatre impeachment knowing full well it will lead to an acquittal, while thousands of Americans are being evicted from their homes and are still waiting in food lines across the country. The Democrats don't care about the people, they care about waging a political war against their opponent.

They have demanded businesses stay closed while delaying relief to the American people pointing the blame at Donald Trump. Now we are a month into the new administration and are still no closer to passing relief their supposed number one priority.

This can not continue especially while the American people are suffering. Patriot Republicans need to use the Democrats same arguments against them to remove them from office. Open the economy, pass relief and wage your war on your own time or you'll have 30-40 million people showing up at the White House looking for answers. 

Now we know why those fences are still there....


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  • I think they need to get rid of Schumer pelosi and mcconell

    Andy Ibarra

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