When Will Republicans Grow A Backbone and Expel Corrupt Politicians

Democrats moved forward with a vote today to remove certain Republican party members from committees.

The verdict.... 218-210 in favor of the motion to removing certain Republican members from their committees.

As we sit back and watch the corrupt politicians use the same tools patriots should be using to expel corrupt members of congress, it makes you wonder just how lost we are.

Why will Republican senators and representatives not fight back against the corruption? They just respond with complaints about the Democrats and say we have to bet them at the polls next time. 

They never take actual steps to remove the very people they tell us need to be removed. Even if the motion is unsuccessful at least there is attention brought to the situation and real attempts are being made.

The arguments that Pelosi and others profit off stock trades from briefings or put their political agenda above the lives of the American people are far better than the Democrats calling to remove members for labeling them a "conspiracy theorist".

To remove a member because another doesn't like them is a dictatorship not a republic. We can't continue to sit back and watch the Democrats use constitutional tools to perform unconstitutional acts and do nothing about it. We have to stand up and fight to save this country.

All true patriot senators and representatives should be filing articles of expulsion immediately against any and all members of congress demonstrating these acts. As well as citizens following California's lead and recall all corrupt governors.

Let's use the tools the Democrats are using against use and take our country back instead of sitting back complaining and saying there is nothing we can do about it.


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  • Truer words have not been spoken. How can we make fire under these politicians butts to start fighting back ? We’re already under Marxist rules now.


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