WHITE HOUSE LEAK: Biden Regime Planning LOCKDOWN Speech, Will Be Solemn “Like Night of 9/11”

Here we go again…

Despite public proclamations from Dr. Fauci that the United States will not see more COVID lockdowns, it appears that the Biden regime is planning the opposite.

A leak from inside the White House reveals that the Biden administration is drafting up a lockdown speech.

While it has NOT been confirmed that Biden will deliver the speech, it DOES confirm that the White House IS preparing for the possibility.

The speech has been described as “solemn.”

In fact, White House officials are comparing it to the speech that George W. Bush gave on the “night of 9/11.”

The leak has been confirmed by Jack Posobiec:



In case you’re not familiar with Jack Posobiec, he is the Senior Editor of Human Events and a regular contributor on Bannon’s War Room and One America News Network.

Posobiec has a stellar track record of being right with these predictions.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Biden himself signaled another lockdown is coming.

Watch below:

So far, the media is covering up the likelihood of another lockdown.


Because they likely want to protect Biden’s fragile approval ratings.

However, Fox News reports:

Let’s admit it, President Joe Biden never had a plan to combat COVID.

Throughout the early days of his campaign, Biden simply used the worldwide pandemic as a fault to stick on former President Donald Trump, a play from the Democratic playbook easier to spot than a run from Derrick Henry at the goal line.

What the Democrats couldn’t figure out, once they took over the White House, was a genuine response for the spread of COVID-19 once it stopped being politically advantageous to cite “science” without applying the term. The C.D.C. recently backtracked on vaccinated Americans going maskless, and Democratic leadership has championed the move. It’s basically been their only response to COVID since taking the White House.

More masks. More distancing. More lockdowns.

OutKick’s Clay Travis thinks that the White House’s recent declarations on COVID mean they plan to send us back to nationwide lockdowns.

“The White House in a press briefing today said they wouldn’t rule out new lockdowns and school closures. For those of us out there that paid attention to Joe Biden’s campaign at all, you know that the entire Biden campaign was predicated on COVID fear porn. …

“He has reinstated the mask mandate after telling us in May that anyone who was vaccinated would not have to wear a mask any longer. And now he’s letting it be known that he is going to be prepared to reinstitute lockdowns across this country and also shut down schools again.”

After St. Louis County announced last weekend that it would reinstate indoor mask mandates for all vaccinated Americans, citizens turned to the St. Louis County Council to overturn the mandate — and won. Fearless St. Louisans stood up to the scientifically baseless ruling that beset their city, but they may not have won the war. The Biden administration may impose lockdowns at the federal level.

States like Florida and Texas have proven that locking Americans indoors was a misguided and inefficient approach to stopping the virus, but it looks like no one has learned the lesson. President Biden’s own anti-science rhetoric is making more Americans wonder how this country will survive another year of stagnation due to COVID.

Another lockdown would likely ruin the U.S. economy for years (or even decades) to come.

Small businesses will likely be unable to survive another draconian lockdown.


It is clear that the Biden regime has this nuclear option on the table!

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  • I think it’s time to start enforcing the laws. According to the constitution it seems like the dumbocrats is trying to break every law in the book.

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