Who's Really In Charge Of Pulling US Troops From Afghanistan

Biden and the main stream media have been pushing the narrative that Biden is standing behind his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Hoping the world will assume that Biden has the situation completely under control.

But now a video has surfaced where a spokesperson for the Taliban has said that they gave Biden the ultimatum to remove all troops before Sept. 11.

The spokesperson goes on to say that they told Biden on Sept 11, they would take control of the airport and he had until that date to evacuate any personnel without attack.

So who is really in charge when it comes to the situation in Afghanistan?

Because while Biden and the media are telling you they have planned this date to mark the 20th anniversary, it sounds more like the Taliban told Biden get your people out because we are taking the country back to mark the 20th anniversary.

Checkout the short video clip below from Sky News with the spokesperson from the Taliban and how he discusses how they told Biden what to do.


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