Why Is Wuhan Lab DELETING Connections To Fauci And N.I.H. From Website

If it looks like a coverup and smells like a cover-up. Chances are it's a cover-up.

In a newly released investigative report from The National Pulse, it appears that The Wuhan Virology Lab is trying to bury it's connections to Fauci and The N.I.H.

These details are emerging at the same time that Sen. Rand Paul has been questioning Fauci about whether or not he supported funding on “gain on function” research.

This report is very interesting due to recent statements that allege Fauci and Daszak are essentially responsible for the virus.

 If Fauci did indeed back, propose, and fund previously banned “gain of function” research, then what do you think should happen to him?

Here are the latest developments:


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