Youtube is Censorsing Trump's CPAC 2021 Speech

Big tech tries to deny they are censoring Republican voices but the proof is becoming overwhelming.

Youtube and other social media companies will not even let Trump appear on their platforms in fear they will lose their control. 

They will let you question whether we landed on the moon, who killed JFK, is there money in Ft. Knox, is the earth flat or the latest big foot sighting but let President Trump speak is compeletly out of the question.

Really makes you think doesn't it? Why are we allowed to question anything and everything but mention President Trump or the 2020 election and you are banned from using the platform.

Seems more like they are trying to sweep it under the rug like it never happened.

Anyway here is even more proof big tech is censoring anything they Democrats tell them to. Should make for even more evidence in the lawsuit against big tech.

and here is the speech on rumble.


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