100 Million Strong For Trump In 2024 How Do We Get There?

The greatest political comeback is now officially underway and we know exactly which RINO's we need to start with in the transition to the Patriot Party.

Senators Burr (NC), Collins (Maine), Cassidy (LA), Romney (Utah), Sasse (Neb), Murkowski (Alaska), Toomey (PA) and McConnell (KY) are the RINOs that voted to convict the former president of incitement to the insurrection. These are the patriots main focus on removing them from their offices. 

Steps are already being taken to make sure these Senators have no place in the Patriot Party. Cassidy and Burr are being censured by their states for their actions in the impeachment trial. The newly formed Patriot Party has no room for elected officials like these.

So how do we the people continue to fight to remove these corrupt politicians?

First, we need to call on our state senators to follow in the steps of North Carolina and Louisiana to censure these Senators. Elected officials have no place in office if they stand against our constitution.

Then we have to start at the bottom and work to make sure our state's voting laws are being followed and putting true patriots in positions at state levels that will hold people accountable. Many states illegally changed voting laws in the last election and we have to have patriots in place to change that and stop it.

Thirdly, we need to work to replace every member of Congress that has voted to unconstitutionally impeach former President Trump. We can not continue to have politicians that put themselves before the country.

Most importantly EDUCATE! EDUCATE! EDUCATE! This should probably be number 1, but we have to make sure we are being educated with the truth and share our knowledge with as many as we can so we won't continue to be taken advantage of.

Lastly, we have to get out and show up in numbers that the world has never heard of, from state level to state senators and representatives to the next presidential election. WE HAVE TO SHOW UP AND PUT 74 MILLION VOTES TO SHAME!

This is a fight that is going to take generations to fully correct, we didn't get into this mess overnight and it will definitely take time to fix. But if take our stand and focus our fight in the right direction, we may be part of one of the greatest moments in political history.

No one person needs to be superman but we all have to do our part to save the country we all know and love!


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  • Let’s roll!!!

    N J West
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    God bless America 🙏🏻➕

    Mousa Tadrose
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    Tina Lorenz
  • Trump acquitted in impeachment trial. Stupid dumb fucking Democrats.

    Stuart Barnes
  • I’m in!🇺🇸


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