Chief Justice John Roberts Runs From Impeachment Trial

It has been announced that Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. Even though the constitution clearly states the chief justice must preside, the Democrats will just ignore that fact and have Sen. Patrick Leahy preside over the trial instead. 

It was previously reported that Roberts was eager to avoid presiding over the sham impeachment of Trump because he doesn’t want to become a political lightning rod.

The Democrats announced Trump’s impeachment trial will begin on February 8.

There is also a rumor circulating that Republican senators may choose to use secret ballots so their voting base will not know how each member voted.

The Democrats need 17 Republicans to join their sham for the impeachment to go through the Senate. It is more important than ever to make sure you are contacting your state senators and making sure they know the will of the people is for them to vote no on this unconstitutional impeachment.

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  • Mr. President When 100% support
    Joe hellinger
  • Leave then men alone,what are you scare of?? He is out of office ,you can not impeach him.dem are so evil

    Richard Runyon
  • You advise folks to contact their “state” senators … WRONG! They must contact their U.S. Senators!

    Dr J L Sifuentes
  • How can they get away with this? Why not just tear up the constitution? Why can’t the Republicans stand up and throw it all out because it is not constitutional? Taxpayers are sick and tired of paying for these shams. Stand up Republicans, do your job.

  • So they’re going to proceed in a way that is against the constitution? That makes the whole thing illegal!

    Craig Bennington

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