Democrats Caught Doctoring Evidence For Impeachment and Laugh

Trump lawyer's point out that the Democratic House Managers for the impeachment trial manipulated evidence they entered into the case. Then the house managers think the whole incident is funny.

These are the people Democrats support? They should all be expelled immediately from the people's house.

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  • I support President Donald Trump the Democrats are so afraid of this man they are willing to ruin America

    Karen Ham
  • How do these SOBs sleep at night? Seriously?

    Jim Maskel
  • We the people want the Democrats held accountable for what they are doing. We all know President Trump didn’t nothing wrong on 1/6/21. The military should have stepped in by now. This is unconstitutional what the dems are doing. Biden and his crew needs to be impeached and so does Pelosi

  • The US military can either be cowards like they’re doing and allow communism to destroy America through the Democrat party or they can save the American Republic and the US Constitution!!! The Democrats are committing treason and high crimes yet there doesn’t seem to be any law or order correcting the crimes against the American citizens!!!! They deserve Gitmo for treason!!!

    Shannon Shepard
  • Bust their asses and stop the expensive America wrecking crew!! None of us are having fun!!


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