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Democrats Caught Doctoring Evidence For Impeachment and Laugh

Trump lawyer's point out that the Democratic House Managers for the impeachment trial manipulated evidence they entered into the case. Then the house managers think the whole incident is funny.

These are the people Democrats support? They should all be expelled immediately from the people's house.

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  • This whole impeachment is such a sham deliberate so as to keep everyone’s focus off Biden screwing up our country and all it stands for as well as the stolen election!

  • Great job! We the people are tired of the democrats abuse of power! Thank you for your great job of defending President Trump and the American people.

    Theresa Ragan
  • Great job Trump Lawyers !!!!! Today some people saw the truth for the very first time because media and dems have been editing Trumps comments and speeches the entire 4 +years.

    Sarita Richard

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