Democrats Turn Out To Be Helping Trump Get Acquitted In Impeachment Trial

 As the second day of the impeachment comes to an end I feel much better about the certain acquittal of Donald Trump. 

It could just be me but I feel like the impeachment managers are doing a terrible job of proving Trump caused the insurrection. Using his previous tweets and speeches they twist and turn the former presidents words into what they think he meant by his words.

Trump's defense should thank them tomorrow for showing numerous examples repeatedly of free speech so we know how it differs from quotes from the radical left,  like Cory Booker "get up in the face of some congress people." or Kamala Harris implying she would kill Trump, Pence and Sessions.

They should also say a big thank you to Rep. Joe Neguse for providing the proof that this is clearly a waste of time due to the fact every impeachment of a member that had already left office in the United States ended in an acquittal.

 And to put the nail in the coffin they should point to the letter the US Capitol Police Chief sent Nancy Pelosi stating they knew violent attacks were planned not by Trump supporters but by Antifa/BLM and that the chief had asked for back up but it was never provided. 

Whoever the police chief reports to should be held accountable for not providing the back that was requested. Oh that's Nancy Pelosi... the impeachment trial makes a little more sense now.

After a rough start and the chaos that ended day 2 due to the impeachment managers caught flat out lying during trial, Trump's best defense seems to just let the Democrats keep rambling.


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  • They are impeaching the wrong people. Go after the real criminals. Start at the top and keep going


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